I'm leaving this horrible place - AT LAST!

Looking forward to another fresh start ^_^


Depths of Despair

Landing on my current job is my BIGGEST mistake ever! I drag myself to work everyday and I go home looking like a zombie. Almost everyone at work do not know what they are doing and do not take effort to understand and they ASSUME!!!

To make it even worse, I'm bonded for 1 year and it only ends on 20 June 2012. It's another 165 calendar days left to be exact...

God, I need lots of strength to pull through this.. tick tock tick tock...


Family or work?

Am feeling extremely down at the moment. Unwillingly went to work today due to worry about my bro who was hospitalised at 1am and the whole family had very little sleep. Asked my boss whether i can take another day off (on top of yesterday's emergency leave) just to be with my brother and mom. she wasn't very happy about it, i can tell.

was really torn apart by these two... and i reluctantly went to work. but thank god bro was discharged at 4pm today. hope he'll recover asap.

makes me really think that whether the job is as worthy as my love ones...


Start of 2011 - with determination!

Got a sms from my daddy wishing me happy new year and he reminded me to plan my goals for 2011. Too bad daddy, your little girl is now all grown up and had already laid down her goals last night over yummy dinner and sweet semillion with hubby.

Counting my blessings for 2010 because of the following main reasons:
- got married (love u lots hon!!! muackss!!)
- grow and excel in my job (got very good appraisal from my boss!!)
- traveled a lot (went to Shenzhen, Macau, Singapore and Gold Coast)
- Teddy project 01 up and running after 3 long years of wait (so far the tenant is behaving)

and so much more! thank you 2010...

Things to look forward to in 2011:
- move in to our new place at Kinrara (should be end of Dec 2011 or Jan 2012)
- become a mommy (working hard at the moment, ahem!!!)
- handle larger portfolios at work (i know i can do it!!)
- Korea trip in April (can't wait to see the pink sakura)

2011, please continue to guide me - throw me all you've got and i'll be grateful for all the love, friendship, laughter and lessons the same time around next year.

My dearest lungers, happy new year. Let's toast to another good year in 2011!! ;-)


Funny Pic

Don't ask - coz i dunno how a trolley can turn up next to a BBQ grill by Main Beach!
I just find it funny & took a photo.

Trolley Meow attack! XD


Wedding gift from nigo!

Thanks for this awesome and unique personalized sicker stamps and the card!
Both of us are really touched by your words! Love you lots - Muackss!